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Telemarketing Solutions for Industrial Product Manufacturers and Distributors.

Industrial product companies come to Marketing Connections to qualify new prospects, upsell and extend service plans.

Industrial Product CompaniesAt a time where new plant construction and expansion is at a premium, finding sales opportunities involving retrofits, repair and replacement opportunities are critical.

Marketing Connections provides lead qualification, and account development services that identify new sales leads and stay in touch with existing customers to up-sell and cross-sell products, and extend or upgrade existing warranty, maintenance, and services plans.

We have worked with companies that provide:

Vertical Transportation Systems • Process Control Devices

Man Machine Interfaces • Water Purification Systems

Precious Metals Recovery • Electronic Components

Factory Automation • Engineering Document Management

Value Engineering Services • CAD/CAM Software

OSHA and Environmental Compliance

Common Industrial Products Marketing Challenges

We can help you overcome the barriers to growth.

  • Distributors are not promoting your line as strongly as you’d like.
  • Sales coverage is spread thin and too much time and money being spent on sporadic travel vs. clustered sales calls with qualified prospects.
  • You’re missing RFP opportunities or finding out about new plant construction and expansions too late in the game.
  • Warranty and service plan renewals are falling off — or not even being offered to customers in the first place.
  • You’re relying on your distributors to be your eyes and ears in the marketplace, and your visibility to future growth potential is murky, at best.
  • You lack a focused decision maker contact database to support demand and lead generation campaigns.
  • Trade show leads are going stale for lack of timely and effective follow-up.

Leverage Our Expertise

Marketing Connections telemarketing professionals are experts at reaching decision makers to present your value proposition and probe for opportunity — with a solid track record of success across a range of industrial products.