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Sales and Market Intelligence Collected Through Telemarketing.

MCCIQ Sales and Marketing IntelligenceThe MCCIQ intelligence solution is a sales and marketing breakthrough! Marketing Connections has joined forces with the revolutionary business intelligence developer, ClickBase™, to provide our clients the exclusive rights to use MCCIQ. With MCCIQ, the data collected through conversations with targets and prospects is transformed into business intelligence you can use to make better sales and marketing investments.

Imagine the value of the intelligence that you are losing now.

MCCIQ gives you real-time access to analyze the information collected so you can:

• Refine your target selection criteria to focus on your best prospect,

• Find out quickly which offers are working and which are not,

• Gain insight into the pains that are driving your prospects decisions,

• Uncover new product and service opportunities.

The Level of Sales and Marketing Intelligence You Need

MCCIQ can be tailored to meet your objectives with all levels providing a dashboard view of your Marketing Connections telemarketing activities. Choose from three levels:

  • MCCIQ Level I – With full access to the information that is being collected through your MCCIQ database, you can check the real-time results of your telemarketing programs.
  • MCCIQ Level II – You will have access to the full analysis capabilities of MCCIQ to slice and dice data and perform what if scenarios.
  • MCCIQ Level III - Full integration with your sales and marketing enterprise data will provide you with true closed loop tracking and campaign ROI.