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Be top of mind when the prospect is ready to buy.

Your house list is your most valuable marketing asset, but do they only hear from you sporadically through email?  If you’re experiencing any of the following, a telephone nurturing program can help you stay connected to your prospects and customers.

  • Your sales reps are complaining that your “leads” are a waste of time because they’re not ready to buy, and so, they stop working them.
  • Sales reps allow long standing, but lower value customers to drift away for lack of attention.
  • By the time your sales reps get to qualified prospects, your competition is already engaged and advancing their sales cycle.
  • Prospects that you meet at trade shows seem to drift away and lose interest after a few weeks or months after not hearing from you.

Stay in front of your prospects – not behind your competitors

Timely, consistent calls from Marketing Connections professionals to your house and other target lists keep you top of mind and gives you insight into what prospects are thinking. Rich profiles delivered through MCCIQ help you make sense of the intelligence gathered to sell and market more effectively.

Typical Costs

Marketing connections can typically make multiple nurturing calls to prospects to gather information and identify new opportunities for less than $15 per contact name.

MCC Opportunity Nurturing in Action

A supplier of software used in hospital environments identified growth opportunities for their next fiscal year while picking low hanging fruit involving immediate RFPs and bid opportunities.

A leading provider of document and information handling solutions improved their campaign response rates by more than 20% by integrating telephone follow-up calls after mail drops. They were also able to reach people that didn’t recall seeing the direct mail piece or email message – turning non-responders into prospects.

A leading supplier of enterprise IP Video solutions converted 10% of trade show booth visitors into sales ready prospects within two weeks of each of the trade show – maximizing their exhibition investment and beating the competition to the opportunity.