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Know your customer to stay ahead of competitors.

Companies that don’t invest the time and effort to understand the customer often experience the following problems. 

  • Competitors are one step ahead in new product releases and technical innovation.
  • Sales Reps are losing deals and no one knows why — and when they do win they are discounting because they don’t understand how to position premium value to the customer.
  • Competition is closing deals that you aren’t even aware of until after the fact, and your market share is slipping.

If you’re experiencing similar challenges, in-depth account surveys from Marketing Connections can help you better align your resources with market potential.

Account surveys build new opportunities to increase market share

Marketing Connection’s New England based telemarketers put customers at ease so they will share more information to give you new insights into account opportunities. MCCIQ reporting gives you immediate access to survey information — defined to meet your goals — and the ability to analyze for patterns and trends.

Typical Costs

Depending on survey depth and complexity, Marketing Connections can typically deliver quality results for between $50 and $200 per completed survey.

MCC Account Surveys in Action

A growing software company developed vertical market solutions for the healthcare industry based on in-depth understanding of market readiness and top of mind issues with potential customers - resulting in 35% YOY revenue growth.

A supplier of hospital solutions identified buyer behavior characteristics and preferences in competitive accounts while pinpointing specific spending plans for the next three years.

A major insurance carrier profiled Fortune 1,000 companies by geography to determine employee benefit offerings, plan review cycles, decision makers and process and then tailored specific marketing initiatives to support the local account executives.